Podcast: The His-Story of Josiah David and Dennis Lee-Main Track

Better Alternatives Not Allowed… “The Truth Will Not Be Tolerated” This is the true story of one man (who was named by his worldly father then renamed by his Spiritual Father) who refused to give in to the “system”. This American insisted on his right not to be abused by our caretakers (no matter how much he was abused by them). Who are our caretakers and how do they abuse those who they have pledged to protect and educate and why? America has the best media, universities, political parties, judicial system, and legal system that money can buy. But the truth can set and keep us free! This podcast will contain hundreds of episodes of true stories from a 45 year walk with God that will show Americans what this system has cost each of them and that God’s truth can keep us free when we walk with Him!